You have many options when it comes to pool design and installation. Our guide below will help you decide.


We carry a wide range of swimming pools and spas to suit all lifestyles. From smaller budget pools and spas to more elaborate swimming pools and outdoor living areas, we can design and install the pool, spa and outdoor living area to suit your budget and your style.

Our team is fully qualified and experienced in pool and spa installation and landscaping. We will guide and assist you throughout the design process, advising you on the best products to achieve your desired outcomes.

We make sure that the installation of your new pool runs smoothly and with as little inconvenience to you as possible.


An inground pool is an luxurious asset to any backyard. The pinnacle of backyard entertainment, spending time with family and friends in your own resort style surroundings. We offer both concrete and fibreglass depending on your preference, as well as:


  • Mineral Pools
  • Lap Pools
  • Plunge Pools
  • Infinity Edge
  • Custom Design + Heating Options


Above-ground pools are the perfect option for sloping blocks and backyards with uneven terrain.

You don’t have to compromise on the look and finish with modern above ground pools. Today’s technology means they no longer have to be installed entirely above ground, but instead partially in-ground, to give a sleek, modern finish.



If you want a unique swimming pool, a concrete pool may be the choice for you.
Concrete pools are custom designed to your specific requirements and then built into the ground using advanced engineering expertise.
A concrete pool can be any size or shape that you desire with any finish or feature, from vanishing edges to spas, steps, seats and lighting.
Concrete pools are the perfect solution for small or restricted spaces or if you want a certain aesthetic to match the architecture of your home.
Custom-designed to suit any area
Strong and durable
Pool and Landscaping can be blended into the design of the home
Freedom of features


Do you want a pool installed quickly and with minimum fuss? Fibreglass might be for you.

Your fibreglass pool arrives on-site ready to install and can be installed in as little as seven days!

We have an extensive range of modern shapes and sizes. Profile Pools is proud to be a trusted installer of Compass Pools with exclusive rights to install Compass Pools for the Northern Rivers region.
See the range of Compass Pools here.

The fibreglass surface is non-porous, stain and chemical resistant and is super easy to maintain and clean.

Please visit Compass Pools to view the full range.


Self-Cleaning option
Quick and easy to install
Coated to stop leaks and cracks
Easy to clean and maintain


A spa pool can help you feel your best, offering physical and emotional benefits that you can enjoy every day. It can be a compliment to your new pool or stand-alone installation. We provide both indoor and outdoor spa pool installations.

Please visit Sapphire Spas to view the full range.

The physical wellness benefits of spa pools are provided in three ways:

Heat increases circulation by dilating blood vessels

Buoyancy relieves joint stress by reducing your weight by 90%
Powerful jets soothe away tension with massage.


We provide a range of pool covers and blankets to suit all shapes and sizes.

Keep your water warm, assist in keeping the pool clean, reduce heating costs and decrease water evaporation, meaning you spend less on water and electricity.

We provide a comprehensive range of pool accessories, including:

Toys and swimming aides

Underwater pool lights and globes
Automation; install a fully automated system that allows you to control your pool settings from your phone
Kreepy Kraulys and fittings, cleaning equipment and much, much more.


Maintaining your pool is an important step in keeping the water condition safe for swimming and avoiding costly repairs on your pool and equipment in the future.
Microbes such as bacteria and algae build up in your pool water and create an unhealthy environment for swimmers.
Poor quality pool water can lead to:
Health problems such as ear, nose and throat infections and
Other unpleasant illnesses, all of which are avoidable with the correct care.
Please visit Bioguard Products to view the full range.

Our staff are experts in water chemistry and can assist you in making your pool water crystal clear and safe to swim in. 

We offer free water testing and professional advice you can count on.

Lennox Heads Swimming Pool Builder

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